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3 April
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___about me ;;

name;; april. born;; april 3rd 1986 (yes that’s my name please stop with the jokes). siblings;; a brother (robin) and a sister (bea). appearance;; short, brown haired, brown eyes, stumpy, overweight. me;; a little unsure. a little insecure. can write out a paragraph but can’t say a word in front of a crowd. wishes she can do more for people and for the world. doesn’t understand herself or others. wishes she could run away or sometimes even go back. likes boys & girls. very shy. loves to dream. wants a tattoo. loves music, movies, art, money, writing and books. has an imaginary crush. hates horror. wishes she could fly. wishes ignorant people could die. wants to prove to the world that you can have sex and eat your cake too. wants to go streaking. isn’t afraid of the dark – but what is in it. wants to travel. wishes she could be a rock star. loves culture. really doesn’t want to be here. aspiration;; to become a graphic novelist/ to help people in 3rd world countries.

___ are you sure you know me ;;

likes / loves;; food, sleep, drawing, painting, writing, reading/books, movies, fashion, art, anything that has to do with men and sweat, music, the imagination etc...
dislikes / pet peeves;; horror, stupid people, wigars, people that smoke in front of your face, people that think they're better than you, slang like: the t-dot (toronto ontario)/ That's wicked sick (cool), magazine that talk about stars that are supposedly "normal" (no one is "normal"), kids who stand out in front of the nearest 'amc' and don't go in to see a movie, girls that pick fights with other just because they gave them a dirty look... an i said, to many pet peeves to name.

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